Friday, May 29, 2009

"My weaknesses have always been food & men - in that order." ~ Dolly Parton

I rarely re post tagged blogs, and not because I think I'm too good for them, but more like when I have to think of a number of random things about myself I can't and it makes me crazy for about a week trying to think of random things! I'm working from home today, so I'm going to start this list now and see how far I can get.

I was awarded by ~ Sirena & Lynn. Sirena is a friend of a friend & I believe we have hung out a couple of times in real life, but we mostly know each other through email, blogs & facebook! Lynn is my bloggy friend who I met when me and the fat chicks started our blog! I just realized that Sirena's link on my side bar has NOT been updated since she got married, so I will be fixing that. {I read blogs through google reader, so it's fixed there!} Both girls lead very exciting lives and are always good for a fun read! Check them out if you haven't!

All right... so the rules are to post 7 things that make me awesome, and at the risk of sounding braggy I'll just refine the rules to make them 7 ~Random~ things about ME! {Hopefully, I can come up with 7 things that you DON'T already know about me!}

1. When I met my husband, Justin, and fell in love... I did EVERYTHING I said I would never do. Married my complete opposite, married 1 year to the day we met, long distance engaged. It's funny to me how love changes EVERYTHING.

1st Visit ~ March 2007

Our Wedding ~ December 2007

2. I eat EDAMAME every day with my lunch. It's my alternative for chips & fries, and I LOVE it. On Fridays I eat it for lunch & dinner. It's not just for sushi anymore, folks!

3. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people cut across parking lots instead of driving down the designated way. If I see you do this, be assured that I WILL honk at you! Follow the rules!

4. I'm 2 Weeks into Marathon training & I'm scared to death to actually do it. I had a dream last night that I showed up to the race 3 hours after it started. The only people that I've said this secret to prior to revealing it here on my BLOG is my husband & one of our employees that is deaf.

5. The highlights that the lady gave me & then covered up are peeking through. It adds insult to injury every time I look in the mirror. If you'd like to donate money to me so I can afford to get my hair REDONE for the 2nd time in a month, leave me a comment & I'll send you my routing number!

6. I'm realizing my age. For 28 years I've rarely worn sunscreen & never needed glasses. In this past month I've changed my tanning habits and lathered up in sunscreen, primarily getting my tan from a spray can. And as I write this blog I'm sporting my extra fabulous Burberry Glasses {the only designer thing I'll ever own!}. Here's a twitpic of the 1st day I had them!

7. I go to sleep all by myself every night! Justin is a total night owl & stays up MUCH MUCH later than I ever could on a school night. This is my alone time & selfishly, I get a little disappointed when I don't get to drift away to sleepy land in my big old bed by myself!

There you have it, sweet friends! 7 random things about me...I hope you learned something new about me. I mean it only took me and entire day & a half to think these up!