Wednesday, June 10, 2009

taking a dip in the SEAfood

In the past year or so I've forced my taste buds to eat & like seafood. For me it's a texture thing more than a flavor thing, but it is a little of a flavor thing, but it pains me to no end that I don't like seafood. Most seafood dishes are prepared so beautifully & creatively, it kills me that I don't like them. Sushi, yes, but ONLY tuna & salmon. I started slow and with grilling salmon & it was good. Then I moved on to talapia & it was good too. After a good year of Salmon & Talapia, I've recently started working on shrimp.

Now I order a side of hibachi shrimp EVERY Friday night when we go to Ichiban, our Friday night tradition. Last week though, I got a little crazy & decided to try my hand at shrimp in the comfort of my very own kitchen. Here's what came of it...

Bacon Bundled BBQ Shrimp. My mom accuses me of eating "nasty" things, but trust me mom & friends... you will LOVE these! Head over to WWW.FourFatChicks.Blogspot.Com for the recipe details!