Friday, June 12, 2009

little white dress

As for blogging right now... I think I'm better at short sweet 140 character tweets.

So, I've been searching since spring for a perfect little white dress. My previous perfect little white dress is too short & too big. Weird combination, huh? Everything I've found has been too expensive, too fancy, not the right material, too matronly, too BLEH, but finally this past Saturday I found something I could work with!

It's hard to see the detail in this picture, but it's a baby doll style dress with very cute pockets, lace detail & a ruffle. I wore it to Ole Miss to the baseball game on Sunday and even took the straps off. It's REAL cute as a strapless dress. I'm thinking of removing the straps all together. The best part... I paid $8 for this dress.

However, after sitting outside sweating in the dress for 3 hours it got a little gross, so I carefully washed and bleached it yesterday. I'm pretty sure the dryer SHRUNK my little white dress & I'll be derned, I might just fall on a knife if I have to start the search all over again!