Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shaping lives

Justin & I have been consumed with the College World Series this weekend. It's a 3 year running tradition for us, and no matter who plays we enjoy watching. I actually attended the CWS 4 years ago, & we hope to go back one day together, because the excitement of the tournament is enjoyable to us.
We've especially enjoyed watching this tournament, because Texas is playing. If you've been reading this blog for a number of years, perhaps you remember that when I lived in Austin I helped out with a youth group...teaching Sunday School & Wednesday night bible study.
Texas played their 2nd game on Tuesday night & I was pleased to see that Chance Ruffin was the starting pitcher. Chance was also one of my students in the youth group. Unfortunately, Chance was retired after the 2nd inning & the announcers {who I usually think are TERRIBLE & ridiculous} start talking about what a fantastic young man of character Chance is.
Justin turns to me & says, "And just think Lesli, you helped shape his character."
Not sure there's any truth to that statment, but wouldn't I like to think so! {wink, wink}

Character aside, he's a darn good pitcher ~ Hook 'em!