Sunday, June 21, 2009

extended warranty

Justin and I purchased a new laptop the week before our wedding. We had been using my laptop until it completely bit the dust. Justin loves to marinate on electronic purchases, so in our free time from wedding planning he'd stand at Best Buy pondering the best lap top for us. The day we settled on the perfect lap top, it also went on sale, and you know how I love a good sale!

I will skimp on anything, but Justin puts his foot down at electronics. I don't hate it, because due to this quality, I got the original {vintage} iPhone, a nice little point and shoot & a nice lap top. When we were checking out he added on $300 worth of warranty to protect our purchase. I had to walk away from the register at this point, because I definitely don't indulge in warranties and our sale price was no longer a bargain!

Last week our lap top chord severed in half. Thank God for the warranty, right? $300 worth of warranty has saved us $80 in {almost} 2 years. I'm still not completely convinced it's worth it, but all that said to say ~ the chord is in the mail and blogging will resume once I chord in hand.