Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memories... like the corner of my mind

I received an email from Facebook a couple of days ago alerting me of some new photo tags. They were from an old friend and I wracked my brain trying to remember when we had taken photos. When I logged on I found that I had become the next person to be tagged with "Old School" photos! These are so fun to me & bring back a flood of memories and in the event that you are reading this and NOT my facebook friend, I figured I HAD to share!

First up ~ Elementary school assembly! I'm guessing that this was for perfect attendance. I had perfect attendance & was never late when I had a driver. Perhaps I should look into one of those now. Can any of you pick me out of the line up? Nope? Ok, I'm the one on the far left, read: BANGS & COLLAR! Clearly, I've always been a little fashionista with my white tights & white Sam & Libby's. I bet I got those for my Easter dress & this was the ONE special occasion I got to wear them to school!

Next ~ Homecoming Junior Year, 1997. The handsome man in the Tabasco tie is my date, Brandon. I hope that you can make this larger on your screen, because if you look close enough you might be able to see my face through the braces & the eyebrows! Again, with the Leggs Eggs...I'm beginning to think that panty hose were my signature piece back in the 90s!

This has me itching to go through old stuff to find other gems like these!