Monday, August 03, 2009

believing the best

Lately, I've been working on believing the best instead of assuming the worst in everyone. Specifically my marriage, but it's trickled into my personal life & I've been surprised at how pleasant things have been with this outlook. It's really helped me with keeping that slow to anger thing in check. However, I'm not perfect & I certainly have to make a conscious choice to think this way.

I knew Justin's week had been about 100x's busier than my week last week & mine was pretty busy, so I didn't have expectations of a clean house. We had company over for dessert last Wednesday before we left on Thursday & embarrassingly enough, I rinsed those dishes and left them in the sink, so it wasn't super clean when I left.

When we walked in the door yesterday afternoon there was this rank stench. I thought to myself holy, hell ~ messy is one thing, stinky is a whole 'nother ballgame! That's when we found Lola & our kitchen floor covered in Lola's "Big Girl Style" mess & lots of... well, let's just say she had it coming out both ends! I grabbed her and headed to the bath & Justin tackled the kitchen.

Our dog eats everything, so really there was no telling what she got into. After the bath we headed to the yard & met up with our neighbor who is the "Mama" to Lola's best friends, Lady & June. Our neighbor is text book southern belle ~ sugary sweet, perfect manners & her finger firmly on the pulse of neighborhood gossip. Her boyfriend came & got Lola on Saturday while we were gone so she could play with her friends. We are very lucky to have neighbors that love Lola & are always more than willing to help us out when work keeps us from home.

We're catching up on the past week & she says, "Lola had tacos for dinner last night & she loved - OH MY GOSH, THAT'S WHY SHE GOT SO SICK!" I had to laugh, of course my greedy gut dog dug into the tacos to the point of sickness at the neighbors house! She's the opposite of text book southern belle.

Regardless of the house being clean or dirty or even stinky, I'm so glad to be home & I woke up this morning to Lola lying on my chest staring at me as if to say, "I've got you back & I'm not ever letting you leave again."