Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mad Men is Swell!

Justin & I started our married life by picking a television series on DVD, starting from the beginning and watching it all the way through in our spare television time. We began with The Office, and got through it in no time, because it's hilariously good TV & the episodes are only 30 minutes long.

Next we started The West Wing. The West Wing is 7 seasons long and a full hour an episode, so this took us months and months to get through, but I can't tell you enough how good that series actually was on every level.

Third, we tackled Arrested Development. Very different, but very funny. Smart funny. If you're thinking of starting it, watch with someone so you can laugh together. You know how shows aren't as funny if you're watching alone.

Then Justin got greedy and started watching series alone, so I missed out on 24 & Lost, but he swears that if I want to watch he'll re-watch. So kind that man! By the way, yes, we have an extensive DVD collection.

A few weeks ago my friend Andy, whose taste I respect, tweeted about it or facebook statused about and they get nominated for all the awards, so Justin & I took advantage of the Best Buy sale and started season 1.

Here's a description I found online: At a time when most programs seek to dazzle viewers with big, bold concepts, the pleasures of "Mad Men" refreshingly arise almost wholly from small, impeccably detailed touches. Set in 1960, this breezy serial about Madison Avenue ad men (hence the title) circa 1960 revels in dated images of white-collar workers boozing in the boss' office, harassing female employees, smoking incessantly and openly pondering if there's a Jew anywhere in the building. Created by "The Sopranos" alum Matthew Weiner, it's a rare period drama that niftily injects shades of gray into the black-and-white TV era, warts and all.

I love that description ~ small, impeccably detailed touches. It is so smart & sexy, but very precise with the times which is a little bit eye opening to the reality of life that I never knew.

In short, I have a new addiction & I look forward to our nightly episode all day. So much so, I "Mad Men Myself" & Justin on Sunday. I think the above picture really kind of looks like Justin minus the pipe in real life.