Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christina & Ken's Tupelo Visit

From the bottom of my heart & soul ~ thank you for your prayers...I felt every one of them. I am overwhelmed by the love that my friends & blog friends have so freely given me and my family during this time. Truly, this is what it means to be blessed, indeed. The funeral was Friday & it was a perfect tribute to Zach's life and so moving to all who were in attendance.

It seems like with all that's gone on in the past week that Labor Day weekend & Christina & Ken's visit was over a month ago! The week has flown by almost as fast as their visit!

We love having them here or being there, because they are our twin couple! This means the guys enjoy hanging out together, because they can watch TV in silence for hours on end and the girls can talk until there are no words {never} and shop until we honestly drop.

I don't remember to take pictures of every minute of every activity that I do during my daily lives, but I had to take a picture of this. For all of you women who are counting every last calorie & spend time thinking about input/output, but are subsequently dating/married to the man who is basically a bottomless pit. Christina & Lesli ~ THOSE GIRLS, MARRIED TO THOSE MEN!

BOYS- GRANDS Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls - GIRLS

It's disheartening that both of these rolls had to share the same table. You don't realize exactly how wonk-wonk the RF rolls are until they are next to the king of all rolls. I digress...
I've been bad, in recent years, about taking pictures of big weekends or nights out, so I purposely tried to be better this weekend! I thought we got a lot of fun shots. I've already shown you the half marathon, so here's Saturday's pictures!
Every time I take pictures with Christina I reconsider my decision to quit tanning! Did y'all hear that Doctors are pushing to make tanning illegal to teens under the age of 18. I recently heard that tanning put you at much risk for cancer as smoking! Can you imagine turning your nose up to tanners like people do to smoking? Thank the Lord for spray tans!
We spent Saturday at the mall and shopping in the area, then went out for the typical PreMarathon carbo-load dinner at our favorite little Italian/Pizza Place in town. We had to take this picture immediately, before Christina's hair grew 2 inches outward and mine frizzed into a million strands!
It was, and still is, hard to believe that that same weekend 2 years ago we were celebrating their WEDDING! Like our weekend together, time has flown by, but Justin & I are already counting down the minutes until we can hang out again! We love you guys!