Friday, September 25, 2009

my other half

When other bloggers write about their other's halves and they ask questions like "isn't he so hot?" or "don't you think he's so sexy?" I always feel mega oooooooogggged out, because that's a uncomfortable question to answer! I think your other half is perfect for you, but sexy? I'll stick with my man! I promise not to ask you any questions about how great Justin is, if you will allow me to brag for just a minute...

I woke up Wednesday morning and felt like the Lord really laid on my heart to do a random act of kindness for one of our customers. I pictured her face and fully planned on passing the word onto one of our employees so they could complete the task. As it turned out, I had the pleasure of completing the task and one random act of kindness turned into 3 for the day. By the end of the day, my heart felt so full. It made me think ~ why don't I do this everyday?

That day Justin and I had to go over to TJ Maxx to find him a new belt and we did our TJ Maxx divide and conquer routine. He goes to his side to look at his stuff and I go to mine. I started with the purses, and the racks were full to the brim. I think I looked at all 9,000 of them and a few caught my eye, but one in particular. Justin and I eventually met back up and he told me what he had found and I told him what I had found. He found 2 Express sweaters for a great deal and I had found a Kate Spade purse for a good deal, but not exactly in my purse price range.

Then I kept thinking about the purse. It would be a perfect splurge, because it was practical and classy. It was the perfect size ~ not too big, not too small, but still we've been on a savings kick and it felt nice to be socking away money to our savings account. I told Christina about it & she said ~ GO GET IT! We deserve nice handbags! Instead I went home and cleaned house.

Justin got home an hour or so after me & came in and played NCAA Football while I cleaned and chatted on the phone. Once my cleaning was complete my phone chat turned into a mini happy hour, so I had a couple of glasses of wine. Finally, around 6:30 I got off the phone and came in and gave Justin a big smooch, which prompted him to request that I change into something sexy. I argued that yoga pants and an old sorority t shirt were most certainly sexy, but gave in and headed up stairs.

Look what I found on my pillow...

It's the purse I saw at TJ Maxx! There are some people in this world that would write the note on the receipt, because they'd want you to know how much they spent, but I already knew what it cost, and knowing Justin, he just needed some paper.

The best part of this gift was not the actual purse or the sweet words Justin wrote to me {which were both beyond gracious}, but how he got it. Instead of using "our" money to buy the bag he used a GiftCard that he had received as a gift and was saving up for Beatles RockBand. And when I saw that, I burst into tears. Seems as though random acts of kindness work both ways. I am overwhelmingly grateful that my partner in life has such a deeply kind and thoughtful heart and not just where me and my purse lust are concerned.

Thanks for letting me brag & letting me show you my cute new purse!