Monday, September 28, 2009


Surely by now all of you have seen infomercials for Bumpits, right? Being the good friend that I am, I saw them in Wal*Mart & made it my mission to figure them out for all of us. The commercials make it look so easy, like a natural tease & being from Texas I've been teasing my hair since God was a boy. BUT, I've seen and heard of a few Bumpit offenders, and NONE of you want to be that girl!

Let's just say... not as easy as it looks! My first attempt to wear the Bumpit in public was bad! I looked like a Mad Men extra who arrived late for hair and make up! Proof below... I was still smiling though!

So, I had to get creative and really start practicing. My hair is medium thickness, but pretty fine. I had a hard time getting my hair thick enough to cover the Bumpit and not have some peeking through. What worked best for me was...
1. Wrap sections of my dry hair around my FAT round brush and spray the roots with volumizing hair spray.
2. Then use the heat of the hair dryer to lock in the hold.
3. Spray same section AGAIN and tease!
4. Once the appropriate sections are teased and sprayed flip them over so you can get your Bumpit in place.
5. Push it in tight so you don't have to pin it in.
6. Pull hair back and secure with Bobby Pins making sure that no Bumpit is exposed!
This is the middle sized Bumpit. I like the way it looks from the front, because it's not terribly noticeable, but I still have messy volume. I think when you get your hair too smooth and perfect it looks a little Mad Men~ ish. {Which totally gives me an idea for Halloween...}
This is how it looks from the back! I think it's cute and sassy! By far this is my favorite way to wear the Bumpit, but if your hair is thick enough I believe it could look really cute with a funky pony tail. My next project is to figure out how to make it work with my hair pulled all the way back.
In my opinion, the Bumpit doesn't have to be an offensive hair disaster, but you HAVE to work at it!
~ Remember, there is no such thing as natural beauty~
ps ~ I think I could make up an entire conversation speaking ONLY quotes from Steel Magnolias