Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wall Decor

Upholstered headboards are so hot right now at a time when I have the good fortune of having a great friend who happens to be a carpenter. I had this idea the other day that if we put our talents and skills {mostly his} to good use, we could make a beautiful upholstered headboard for much less than what you could buy it for in the store. Plus, it would be a fun project that could keep me busy and give me a creative outlet! So, we've been talking and planning the project for a few weeks now. Of course I'll keep you posted as to how it progresses.


Justin and I are walking to a grocery store the other day and there was a huge bin of beautiful gourds and pumpkins. I loved all the textures and the colors... such a beautiful picture of fall.

As we passed by them I remarked, "Aren't those beautiful? They'd make great decorations." Justin responds, "Knowing your decorating style, you would probably nail them to the wall!"
~Ok, I am a totally admitted junk shopper who has some wacky ideas, and I like to take on projects, but really in the 2 years Justin and I have been married we've never been in a space long enough for me to really express a decorating style. I look back at him a little hurt, but really more confused.
"You know, you'd probably hang them to the wall next the the HEADBOARD you want to hang on the wall!"
He said it in a playful tone, but it made me think ~ Wait why would I nail these to the wall? Oh my gosh, Justin thinks I'm going to hang the headboard on some random wall. So then I explained that the headboard would hang on a wall YES, but behind the bed!
We laughed our heads off about it, but really I would NOT put it past me to try and make it work on a random wall.