Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What's the Deal? ~Cardigan~

I spend a lot of time {read: at least once a week, maybe a couple} shopping all the bargain stores {ie: TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.}. Not to be a bragger, but due to the fact that I have the time to browse, work in the vicinity of these places & can go frequently, I find really good deals. I also have the WORST habit of accepting a compliment and immediately broadcasting how much I paid to the entire world! If you think I look like a million bucks, then why do I feel that it's necessary to tell you that I paid $5.00? What it boils down too, is that I want you to know that you could find these SAME bargains if you'll put in the work!
Also, remember that show The Look for Less, where they'd pick a designer outfit and then find the comparable outfit for significantly less? I would be so good at that, so why not share with y'all?

This week I'll share the deal I found on my cardigan! My friend, Tiffany shared a Fabulous Find Friday a couple of weeks ago about some DARLING cardigans that she had her eye on and I could NOT get them out of my head!

This one in particular ~

So cute in fact, that I thought I'll splurge and get it, I work hard, why not. It was $68 which granted is not terrible for a cardigan, BUT I'm terribly cheap and it would be way hard for me to spend that much on a cardigan. I know... it's the charm of me.

I began to do some online window shopping to see what I could find that was comparable and I came across this ~

Cute and half the price! No lie, which if the truth be told still might be a tad out of my price range and def a splurge, but I was willing to try it out. Found it at Kohl's... FAIL. The ruffles were limp, limp. ICK!

I figured I'd check Ross Dress for Less, because it's next door to Kohl's, they've had some really good deals lately & I thought I might be able to find something that would scratch my cardigan itch! I found an all grey short-sleeved cardigan that I loved on the hanger, but didn't love the sleeves. On second thought I think it might look cute with a long sleeved shirt underneath. Instead, I came away with this one ~

Please excuse the bathroom iPhone picture, but you get the point. Typically, I would go with a solid colored cardigan, but went out on a limb with this one and I like how it works! Here I'm wearing it with red pants & jewelry, but it also looked great jeans and a black top with more black/grey/neutral jewelry. Now, it's not ruffle~y, but I've been thinking that could be remedied with some of those cute flower pins that are so in right now. Who wants to bet that flower pins will be my next shopping mission?

What's the deal? How much did I pay? ~ $9.99.