Thursday, October 08, 2009


I haven't babysat an actual child in a few years, unless you count going to work every day and then it's more like baby sitting really big children. I kid. It's not always like that.

Last week however, we did babysit two little furbabies that belong to our neighbors. It's not always easy for dogs to get along especially when 2 of them are older {Lady(lab) & June(dachshund)} and 1 of them is a spoiled rotten diva {Lola}, but these 3 are the best of friends making each of our homes 2nd homes to these babies. It goes without saying ~ we LOVE our neighbors!

I do realize that more than likely no one will find this as cute as me & their mama, but this was my best attempt at being a mommy-blogger! Trust me, I look at every one of your child's pictures and I think they are all really cute!