Friday, October 09, 2009

Hair DID!

If you do not follow me on Twitter then you might not know that I got my hair cut, and I felt I had to share this with y'all after the last hair debacle that I suffered.
My neighbor suggested a while back that I visit her hair girl and I stalled until I could stall no more. I love a good choppy, angled cut, so that's what I asked for and that's what I got! I didn't realize that choppy and angled meant GOOD BYE to 4-5 inches of my hair! WOW ~ it had gotten longer than I realized!
Please excuse my photographer, he couldn't be bothered with standing up, so you have to live with the most flattering angle possible of me!
From the front, from the front...
To the side, to the side...

To the back, to the back...

I love it! I think she did a great job and everytime I look in the mirror I'm like whoa, I look like a different person! I'm so excited about my new fall do!

For the record, I've seen the "bad" hair girl a few times outside of our restaurant. She walks by, gives it a look and then a major hair flip and looks away like she's dissing us with her body language. I'm so fine with her diss... WAY more her loss than mine!

PS~ If you've ever wanted to hear what my actual voice sounds like, go to! I posted my first ever videoBlog!