Friday, October 16, 2009

Rhinestone in the Rough!

A few weeks ago when we were in Texarkana I picked up a Texas shirt at TJ Maxx. They only have Mississippi shirts in my TJ Maxx here ~ the nerve! Justin bought some Mighty Mend-it the other day and it came with a bottle of Mighty Gem-it and an idea was born!
I love my other rhinestone longhorn, so why not rhinestone this longhorn?

{Other Rhinestone Longhorn ~ Last year @ Okla St. Game}

So, I made a last minute trip to Hobby Lobby last week before the game to pick up my supplies ~ various sizes of rhinestones.

Then I prearranged my rhinestones on my longhorn so there could be a uniform pattern and very very carefully glued them on. I think it took around 2 quarters!
24 hours later ~ my Mighty Gem-it had sealed completely and here's the final product!

I'm very proud of how it turned out. The Mighty Gem-it is so strong that it glued the shirt together, so I had to pry it apart! All is well that ends well! I can't wait to debut it tomorrow and I'll post pictures of me modeling it for you!