Monday, August 09, 2010


As I live and breath, I NEVER thought this day would come this summer. Would you believe that it is easier to buy a restaurant/start your own business in this great country than it is to buy a house? We learned that the hard way, and perhaps I'll take the time to write that story out, because it is WILD!
In an effort to NOT jinx us anymore than we have already been jinxed because we are sole-proprietors, I've refrained from sharing this info and picture until now. This is our cottage that we are closing on today at 2 p.m. Not a great picture of the house, but I wanted to get Justin and the sold sign in the shot.
The next time you see our little cottage it will look much different! My neighbor is the project manager and lists and time-lines are already on paper and we have a team of 5 that is ready to get to work!
The same as this blog didn't turn into a wedding blog, it will not turn into a design blog, but I will be tracking our progress and sharing updates. This has been a long time coming and it thrills my soul that in a matter of hours I will be settled.