Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Day 1

I promise I'm NOT going to go day by day on what we've accomplished at the house. Can you even imagine? I'm not even sure that I would care to see that, so I promise I'll spare you and hit the highlights.

From the moment I posted that last post up until right now we've been working like crazy on our home. For an older home, it is not in bad shape, but it did need some work. Thankfully, it mostly needed a fresh coat of paint. And luckily for me and Justin we had 3 more than willing friends who moonlighted as painters.

One of those friends actually moonlighted as a general contractor. The previous owners had installed "tile" paneling and I preferred wainscoting. I told my friend Craig that I eventually wanted to take the "tile" down and replace it with wainscoting and he said, "No time like the present!"

And all of the sudden ever man in the house gets the opportunity to live out their demolition dream and the walls came tumbling down. Ok so the walls didn't come down, but that nasty "tile" came down.

I'm sure it looks fabulous in your house, because you are all smart stylish people who know how to work it. The "tile' installers that came before us were not you.

The actions of the first night called for our first trip to Lowe's first thing the next morning to pick out wainscoting & chair rail. I am very lucky that Craig owned his own custom cabinet business at one point in time, so he's very handy with the saw and the installation.

And while the boys handled the hard stuff... I tackled the cabinets.

I love the open cabinets, and I like the idea of a different color inside. Unfortunately, I have nothing that is blue, so it had to change too. Out with the old, in with the new.

I'm excited to share all the before and after pictures with you, and trust me there are a LOT! Please be patient with me, as we are running our business (had a GREAT 1st month ~ Thank you, God!) and doing all the work ourselves with the help of our dear friends.