Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Savannah via Instagram

Allison has been talking about instagram for months and months and due to my twitter/facebook hiatus encouraged me to join so I could share my pictures during my trip. Usually, I just text them to her, but I'm glad she talked me into this. I love the idea of being able to edit them into art immediately.

Paula Deen's restaurant.

No, we did not eat there. We heard it wasn't worth the wait. I do love the tilt-shift feature that makes one thing in focus and everything else blurry.

Chandelier in the lobby of our hotel.
I'm thinking this one might need to go in a frame, but which room. A house is never really finished is it?
Tupelo is a type of honey, not made in Tupelo. Too bad. Have you heard the Van Morrison song? It's beautiful.

Savannah Bee Company

The Andrew Low House

Downtown Church.

I will say, I am super impressed with the iPhone 4. I took several of these while we were driving around and they aren't the least bit blurry. Amazing. I have about 30 more pictures that I snapped Sunday afternoon around the city, but I didn't run them through Instagram, so you'll have to check my facebook. After Easter, of course.