Thursday, October 14, 2004

here, let me give you one of my cards

I was just typing an email and thought I was updating my blog and was very happy/proud that I had written so much. Then I snapped back into it and realized I was emailing. Thus, a great way to start this entry...

yesterday I got my new business cards and my new business cards for my current/soon to be old job. Mind you, it was slightly ridiculous that they printed up cards for me. Not because I was leaving, but because of my position. Was it necessary to print up cards with my name and title - receptionist - (yeah, not even administrative assistant) on them??? I'm not sure I've had any company people come in and asks for MY card. The only reason they seem useful is to win happy hours or chipotle dinners. All the same...I now have 250 cards with the current/soon to be old company info on it and my name and title. Maybe I should have told them I was leaving when I was proofing the business card list!

I also got my new job cards yesterday. These are very fun with my name and under that my title - Marketing Director. Seems like a nice step up from - receptionist. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking receptionists (I am one), they just have no need (in my eyes) for business cards. I am very excited about my new business cards. It's very fun for me to see my name in print...I'd probably love it in lights too (maybe one day). If anyone would like a card or two (I have 250 unnecessary cards) please let me know and I'll get one to you in the mail!=) you can share in the joy of the printed name and fancy title with me!

this post should probably have been titled: Men as Socks.