Monday, October 18, 2004

silver spoons

I've been meaning to post this since Friday, but I keep forgetting until I'm away from a computer, and they shut down our systems early on Friday.

when I'm moving anywhere I like to throw as many things away as possible. Unlike my regular life, when I keep EVERYTHING! For some reason I always keep little nick-nacks and mementos, because I think I might turn them into a collage or maybe a scrapbook. I don't know why I think this, because in all my years of memento collecting I've NEVER turned any of it into a collage or a scrapbook. I'm not even into scrapbooking. However, when I move...I try to take as little with me as possible. If you can buy another and it holds no sentimental value...then I'm throwing it away.

so, I am a movers dream. Since our office was packing up last week they asked me to pack up several of the rooms. I threw away mostly everything! Vases, baskets, entire refrigerator contents...I left nothing! To me its easier to just throw it away and replace it later if need be than to move it! So we're down in the kitchen Friday afternoon eating lunch (company bought us pizza...) and the lady that told me, "You look like sex today!" (in a HEAVY mexican accent)was packing up the kitchen and having a hard time parting with anything. She kept asking us if we wanted old Christmas popcorn tins and stuff of the sort. We were all like no!!! Throw it away!!! So finally she gets to the vases. We have a ton of vases around our office, b/c they used to order flowers for everyone on their birthdays. So she gets to the vases and she won't throw them away. And I say, "Rosa, no one wants those clear glass vases...throw them away!!" and she says, "Throw them away?? Were you raised with a silver spoon in your mouth???" to that I say, "Rosa, I am the poorest person you know. Just because I think you should throw away $.30 vases doesn't not mean I was raised with a silver spoon in my mouth!"