Thursday, October 07, 2004

le cirque sous les étoiles

comments on comments:

1. i have been at my job for 14 months, not 2=) (but i'm sure most of you know that)
2. giving my notice went really well! everyone has been nice and encouraging, but not in a good ridance kind of way.
3. i was simply pointing out clearly have a gift for teaching=)

not so motivated today! it's like when you're a senior in high school and you've already been accepted to college, but you still have to go to high school. time will fly by though, it has so far.

tonight we're going to this party, and i'm not really sure what it's for, but it could be a benefit?? i'm probably way off. the theme is le cirque sous les étoiles...Circus Under the Stars. i'm going to be political...i'm wearing a christmas ribbon. will be your typical social gathering of business people with drink and appetizers. hopefully some fun stories will come out of it and i can share them with you all.

if you haven't been to austin in the past two weekends you should probably get down here soon. think of some good reasons to come...