Thursday, November 25, 2004

cover girl

happy thanksgiving! i'm excited to be updating! i just got a laptop, so hopefully i can figure out how to set up the internal wireless internet i'll be in business.

i'm in texarkana right now...suffered through the long drive and finally made it. my family makes me laugh, so its been fun to hang out and of course eat. i made my cooking debute with my family...i made a really yummy squash casserole. at least in my opinion...

last night i went to wal*mart, and i was looking at everything, b/c i never go there, and you never know what you will find. so i walk pass the dressing rooms and this woman is trying to get my attention..."Ma'am! Ma'am" i don't think of myself as a ma'am, so i turn around and i "Yes! Girl where did you get that hat???" (i was wearing my black furry winter hat) me-"Well, i got it as a gift but i'm sure at dillard's or foley's or somewhere like that" her-"well, girl you look like a model or something!!" me-"What?? Bless your heart for thinking so!!" (what kind of model do i look like? all those short chubby ones??) her-"No girl, you do! You look sophisticated or something! I don't think the store is open tomorrow but i'm gonna go get me one!" me-"Thank you so much, that was very very nice!"

i may never take the hat off...don't be surprised if you see me wearing it=)