Wednesday, November 17, 2004

jones library 1st floor...revisited

i'm at seattle's best coffee shop right now, and i just had a jones library revisited experience. i walked in and sat down with my lap top, and there were two KOTs sitting across the room. i miss going to jones just to see who was there!

i have stooped to an all time low of cheapness. we have lived without internet for over a year now, and normally it is not a problem, because we had our work internet to give us our fix. now that i don't sit behind a desk all day i have to get on the internet when i can. however, i have a laptop and a wireless card, so if some place has free wi-fi i can go there. the only problem is, there aren't any places with wi-fi in the area i live, so we had to figure out a way around it. we go to apartment complexes and drive around until we find a good enough signal to use and then we park and get online. it's white trash...i know. it works though!

so i figured out a perfect way to confront the mean boy from dc. i'm going to a concert on thursday and he loves the guy that's performing, so it will be perfect to send a breezy "i was just thinking about you" (why did you act like an ass) email! i love thinking of reasons to email people out of the blue.

i'm literally sweating, because its so hot by this window. where did the cold weather go?