Friday, December 31, 2004

it's great to be a georgia bulldog

hello! i'm in dallas now!! i'm so excited to be here. i was a nervous wreck all day long because i was so excited to be here. it doesn't feel like it should already be new years again. i'm really jealous right now that shawna wrote such a fabulous entry about 2004. i really intend to write a reflection entry over the past year. i'm sure you can't wait! it's been an interesting year though, and i feel it's worthy of reflection!

but, thinking back to new years past, there are many good stories that come to mind..

i think back to last year when jaimie and i couldn't find a cab home at 2, so we just walked home from 6th street. i'd love to tell you how drunk we were, oh but we weren't. we knew how dumb it was and neither of us really wanted to do it, but we had to. i refused to take my heals of the entire 3 miles, because i didn't want to get a tetnus shot! this random guy from the bar walked with us, so i guess we were pretty safe. after listening to his story of why he's in austin...he and his friends rented and rv and drove from california to texas and were on their way to other places. i did ask him if he was on road rules. he was not.

but probably the best new years of all (tonight could top it...) was when we went to new orleans two new years ago. i could probably go on until midnight writing about all the crazy events of the evening. we were on bourbon street and stayed at one bar the entire night. i highly suggest, if you ever visit, to find pat o'briens, get a hurricane and enjoy your evening. that's all you need! when we left pat o'briens, i got lost. no one wanted to give the crying drunk girl their cell phone to call her friends. finally i did find some fratty college boys that let me use their cell phone. i met back up with my friends and paid $5 to go to the bathroom. i would have paid more! then cayce and i had gotten this fabulous suite in the quarter...for free, and 8 of us stayed there. i ended up sharing a bed with one of our guy friends, and during the night he crawled over to my side of the bed, and he said, "Lesli, did you pass out?" and i said, "NOOOO! I'm trying to fall asleep!!!" (i was very angry from being left on bourbon street ALONE!) so he moves back over to his side of the bed and all the sudden he reaches under the cover and grabs my waist and tickles me and says, "DO YOU HAVE ANY PANTS ON???" and i said, "YES I HAVE PANTS ON!!!! GET ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED!!!!" cayce walked in the next morning and found us clinging to opposite sides of the bed. God bless innocent nights!

have a happy new years eve, and please call me and cayce at midnight and wish us a fabulous 2005! heart you!