Wednesday, December 29, 2004


mis·com·mu·ni·ca·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (msk-myn-kshn)n.

1. Lack of clear or adequate communication.
2. An unclear or inadequate communication.

today me and my boss had an enourmous miscommunication. the talk began by discussing my lack of punctuality. (i'm not ever REAL late, but i guess its all relative) then the conversation shifted to various projects that were going on...then it all hit the fan. it was horrible. literally he was talking and silent tears were streaming down my face. not here and there...STREAMING!! but not the hiccup gulping kind of tears...completely silent. he says to me, "I'm really sorry that i'm making you cry..." so i tell him why i'm crying and turns out i took what he said all wrong. totally totally different!

i hate miscommunication and while we're on the subject, lack of communication. i think that people (including myself) are too quick to jump to immediate conclusions, and end up getting mad over something that is not even there. a lot of times this goes back's not about YOU!

i'm going to work on this. before i get upset over things i'm going to check them out with the person who is trying to communicate with me. perhaps this will be my first new years resolution!

i'm working on a "best of" type list for 2004, it will be more like a highlights...which ultimately would be the best things of my year, i suppose. along with that i'm working on a new years resolutions list, but first i need to figure out what the will be.

new years plans are starting to fall into place. i'm going to dallas to see cayce, and me and cayce could have fun sitting in her living room with the tv off for new years eve if those were our plans. clearly we are easily entertained. however, we got some invites to some parties, so no living room for us. battery is about to die. heart you.