Monday, February 21, 2005

fortune teller

tonight my fortune said...

Time heals all wounds, so keep your chin up.

i'll take that. i've got plenty of time and very few wounds...none of them even major.

speaking of time...i can't decide what time i should go get my boots tomorrow. in the morning or in the afternoon. i guess if this is the biggest decision i have to make all day, then i've got it made.

if you were wondering...the guy who was wandering if i was a happy hour kind of gal never called, but did email me and asked if liked maudie's and then emailed again and told me to "shoot" him my number. he has lots of catchy phrases. i'm hoping to make it as non date like as i possibly meet awkward hugs or kisses at the end. just a friendly drink. i'm better in non-date like situations. i also really like where my life is right now and i'm getting to enjoy doing the things i love. so, we're keeping it friendly...but of course playing it by ear!

remember...time heals ALL wounds.