Sunday, February 20, 2005

oh and baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation?

what a fabulous weekend! i got to eat so much good food (diet is back on today and for the rest of the week) and have so much good conversation.

i love the dynamics between boys and girls and how we think. i love that we think that the other thinks like us. we discussed what attracts us about the opposite sex. for example, the boys kept asking if butts were a big deal. they were determined that they had a be a deciding factor in our attraction to boys, and they're not. however, boys are very attracted to physical traits. on the other hand, guys hardly ever notice what we're wearing (even though we can tell you what everyone in the room has on at any given moment). and for all the boys and girls in the world...boys you don't want a girl who "loves" to watch sports center. you love your guy time and don't want a girl who fills the role of a guy friend. on the flip side, girls...don't fall for it when guys say they love it. especially if you want to be more than his "guy friend."


also, this made my whole weekend. i went to bakers (shoe store) yesterday and they gave me a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase. I wanted to get these boots, but the coupon didn't start until tuesday. the boots are $50, so it wouldn't make sense to get them if i could get them for $30 on tuesday. so i asked the manager if they wouldn't mind holding them until tuesday. i didn't think this would be a huge problem since i had to ask if they still had the boots, because they weren't out in the store, but i would also understand if they couldn't. tuesday is 4 days away. so then the manager says to me, "We can hold them for you. You come in here all the time, so it's not a big deal." that made me feel so special! i probably haven't spent $75 total in that store, but i do go in there a lot. it does pay to be vip=)


make someone feel special today.