Wednesday, February 16, 2005

luck be a lady tonight

i might play the lottery tonight. i've had a very lucky day.


i've been meaning to wake up early this week to get the early bird special at jiffy lube. there's no reason to pay $30 for an oil change if you can get one for $19.99. so i call jiffy lube, because you know sometimes they are standing outside holding signs advertising $19.99 during the middle of the day. i asked the guy if they were running the special and he said, "No, but if you come right now i'll give you an oil change for $19.99." well i couldn't go right then, b/c obviously i was working, so i told him i couldn't come until 5. to my ears..."Well ma'am, just bring your car in when you can and tell them my name and you can have an oil change for $19.99."

that made my day!


i ended up landing this great catering deal for our store for this lake party. the reason i landed the deal, was because i'm on a committee on the chamber of commerce. i old am i? has made me connections, so it's worth it. it's kind of like a sorority with boys...meetings and functions once a month!!


today i was asked if i was a happy hour kind of gal. why yes i am...and thus...was also asked out on a date today! and i didn't even make up excuses to try and get out of it!

texas lottery here i come!