Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ipod dreams

it should be illegal to work on days like today. i could barely get anything done, because all i could think about was going to the pool and staying there until august.

i hope you all had a fabulous day today.

i enjoyed listening to my new cd today while i was driving around and working. if anyone is interested in burning it to their ipod i'd love to let you borrow it...after all i got it from someones ipod.

here's a preview...

"i'm all out of love...i'm so lost without you..."

"you were all the things i thought i knew and i thought we could be..."

"when i was younger so much younger than today...i never needed anybodys help in anyway"

"i really can't stay...baby it's cold outside"

"how does it feel"

"remember when we were young driving in my car drive so fast i feel like i was drunk"

"pimp juice...ooooooooooooooo...i think i need to let it loose"

"you give your hand to me...and then you say hello...and i can hardly speak...my heart is beating so...and anyone can tell you think you know me well, but you don't know me"

"have i told you lately that i love...have i told you that there's no one above you.."

"billy jean is not my lover...she's just a girl who thinks that i am the one..."

"you know i wish that i had jessie's girl...where can i find her a woman like that"

"she's my pride and joy"

that is just a tiny preview, and there are many many more where that came from. if you're wanting to put these songs on your ipod then just let me know. i will not have my ipod for a while...somethings have come up.