Thursday, February 24, 2005

"you just turned happy hour into a dinner date! go girlfriend!" -sharla

two things really bugged me today. i'm over it now, but it bugged me earlier. first of all...a lady called me at 12:00 complaining about her FREE food coupons, and asked if i would come pick them up and return them so they could use them for lunch, "because she had a business to run." Sucks to be you...we're kicking our heels up over here. bugs me when people are oblivious to the fact that other people in the world doing other things that don't revolve around them.


i saw a flower van that said, "Flowers by Nancy, Too!" maybe they weren't trying to say that there was more than one location, maybe there is a Flowers by Brenda somewhere and Nancy wanted everyone to know that she had a flower shop as well.

thus i was bugged and had a headache, but all is well now.

i was emailing with the happy hour guy today and we were talking about the weather. a little cliche i know, but he mentioned that it was a bummer that "our weather wasn't nice anymore." naturally i thought in my head you and i don't have ownership of anything together...especially the weather. i scare easily. but then i told him i didn't mind, because i just got some FABULOUS new boots and i was excited that i would not only get to wear them in chicago, but in austin as well! we made plans for friday evening. (i'm still not sure if we're doing to dinner, happy hour or playing it by ear) then he asked, "Will you be wearing these boots on friday??" absolutely not! i will not be wearing those boots, because after he took one look at them he would never want to be seen with me again! don't get me wrong...i love the boots and i think they are adorable...hence: i bought them. HOWEVER...i know what boys think about really drastic fashion pieces, and i've had a bad experience with boys, pink and fur before. they're more likely to make an appearance on the 5th or 6th "date."