Thursday, March 03, 2005

bet your bottom dollar that you'll lose the blues in chicago -frank sinatra

i bet a LOT of dollars that i'll lose the blues in chicago! we had the most fabulous day, and i went on a shopping spree at H&M to end all shopping sprees!

anyway, the day was wonderful. the weather wasn't even all that bad...high of 33 low of 20!! we were bundled up perfect for walking around outside, but when we went inside we were very toasty!! our day was jam packed doing chicago stuff, but it wasn't nearly as fast paced as a day in new york. and...i didn't think it was nearly as crowded. so not crowded, that i hope there are even people around tomorrow to take pictures of us doing fun stuff!

today we did something very out of the norm for us...but also very like us. we went down to wrigley field, because it's an attraction and we are touristst. so we get off the subway and it is a block away from the stadium, so we walk around the to the side with the big red sign, snap a picture and then leave. not until we shopped of course...we stopped by the cubs souvenir shop. i am clearly not a cubs fan, as i was surprised that sammy sosa and nomar garcioparra played for them. (i know their names!!) they had these really cute cub shirts with pitching sleeves, so we had to get them. even if they were the most expensive t shirts we've ever purchased.

once we got back to the subway, we headed over to hancock center to enjoy their view and some pre dinner cocktails. this was our view....

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then of course we went and ate some chicago pizza.

now we're headed out for a night 'o fun!!