Wednesday, July 20, 2005

blondes have more fun

throughout most of college my hair was bright blonde from extensive hi-lights and re hi-lights. my senior year i went back to my natural color which is a dark brown and didn't love it, and neither did my mom. i think her exact words were, "that looks terrible! you need to high light you're hair as soon as you can."

so, i started hi-lighting again, but it has taken me about 2 years to get back to where i was, or at least close to where i was in terms of color. yesterday i finally got really blonde again! oh, happy day!

looking back, i think i truly did have more fun when i was a blonde than when i had darker hair. if you know me, or have heard any of my stories, you'd agree. it might have gotten me into some trouble...but i'd venture to say that it was worth every crazy event that i took part in.

i have a wedding at the naval academy next weekend and the bride called me and asked, "i think i know the answer to this question, but do you want to sit with work people, or do you want to sit with navy boys?"

does she even have to ask...

this blonde will definitely be having more fun!