Monday, July 25, 2005

what happens in...wait, where are we again?

if this past weekend was a pre-cursor to what a visit to las vegas would be like for me and my friends, i'm thinking we are going to need to give it some time before we make any travel arrangements.

i woke up bright and early sunday morning in the hollywood casino pondering the nights events and wondering how i'd made it this far.

we got a message that they had my cell phone at the front desk. i said, "my cell phone??? are you sure???" needless to say, they did and i as i danced my way from the elevator to the front desk they handed me MY phone and i danced back to the elevator. this was the best elevator music i've ever heard. i was later informed by the bell hop that they had watched me dance in the elevator...great...what else did you see me do???

for some reason when i go to weddings i think it's my one time chance to get off my rocker at the reception. i thought i took it too far when i went to a reception and drank the kaluah at the coffee bar. this weekend i went to a whole new level when the brother of the bride handed us shots of tequilla and later when i convinced the groomsman and MOH to come and take another with me. if behavior like this worries you, please keep me off your invitation list!

yesterday i started to feel bad about my out of control behavior, but i was informed that i'm out of control fun, so nothing to feel bad about. i made it back from the land of casinos, and i think i'm going to lay low this week.

well at least until my next wedding in 5 days...