Wednesday, July 27, 2005

life's a drag

my cousin is visiting me this week from out of town and i've come to the sad realization that my life isn't as exciting as my stories make it seem. i don't go to concerts every night or run into celebrities everyday or go out 7 times a week. (even though sometimes it feels like i do...) i realize that i watch a lot of tv (not that i was terribly surprised, because my dvr reminds me everyday of how much tv i actually watch) and lay around my house a lot!

however, i made it out of the house for a trip to the "drag." this is a strip across from campus where vintage stores, expensive stores and many bums call their home. it's always where people want to go when they're visiting and it's where you feel like you have to take people so they can get a taste of what the university is really like.

yesterday several things happened that i wouldn't mind sharing...

i wore my "George W. Bush is my homeboy" t shirt, which always gets plenty of comments and stares from all the liberals in austin. (travis county is the only county in the state that votes liberal in elections!) so this liberal, dingy bum on the street stops me and says, "What does your shirt say." and he asks in a way that makes me think that he thinks my shirt is making fun of bushy, so i tell him , "you're not going to like it." he read it and glared. of course when i walked back by he asked for spare change. can't vote for my president, can't spend my money.

my cousin has been obsessed with the idea of the beggars in austin (he lives in arkansas...forgive him) and how much money they actually make on a day to day basis. he spent a better part of last night trying to convince us to let him stand on the corner a beg. after all he brought his back pack and his guitar...nothing says poor beggar like a martin guitar and a north face back pack!

finally, something happened to us that has never happened to me before. we were walking past the church of scientology on the drag and this hispanic looking woman was mumbling something and fanning herself with her shirt. fanning so much in fact that we got a quick, i mean extended peak of her her sagging boobs and enourmous nipples!

welcome to austin friends! that's the university on the right!