Thursday, July 28, 2005

single and fabulous?

Being that I’m 24 and not in a relationship with a guy that amounts to anything more than a friendship I often get asked why? Why aren’t you dating? Why aren’t you married? You went to Baylor and didn’t get a husband? Fortunately for me, most of my closest friends are not in engaged, in serious relationships or even casually dating for that matter. I will not lie to you and pretend to be an eccentric feminist and say that I don’t need a man or want a man. Of course, there are times when I would love to have a boyfriend…someone to hold my hand, a date for weddings, and honestly…free dinners, but I don’t have one, so I get on with my life and have more fun than most.

However, we received something in the mail yesterday that made me wonder why I ever want to be in a relationship with a boy. If you’ve kept up with my posts at all, you know that I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate incidents in my dating life. That can be said of my friends as well. We should probably write a book containing all of these incidents to warn off potential girlfriends.

How psychotic is this? My roomate went to dinner with this boy that she knew from home that has recently gotten out of rehab. No, she didn’t want to go, but after 55 calls from his home phone (he doesn’t have a cell phone…strike one) she finally gave in to this persistence and met him for dinner. Yesterday we received a curious letter in the mail…I’ll spare you the entire thing but leave you with the highlights…

Dearest -----,

Blah blah…sorry we met at a bar downtown late night…it’s bad for our health…blah blah I’m proud of my personal progress…blah blah…sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable in our youth… (my paraphrase)

You are truly beautiful…you are the source of much distress and I finally had to write you. I would not know what to say without the use of the pen at the moment. You strike every part of my core. You hit the senses like a sweet fragrance of an exotic bloom clinging to my skin as rain to the leaves of the forest canopy above. Your eyes engulf me as a stream of fresh water--plunging my heart into its crips waters, but not freeing myself from the lingering thought of your sweet fragrance. Your touch ignites the heart within as the warm fire does to the returning senses of a soaking swimmer.

Blah blah…I day dream about seeing you in windows…laughing at me when my jokes aren’t funny…holding my hand at the library…sitting beneath my arm in a dimly lit room watching films…kissing when no one notices because they don’t need to…(my paraphrase)

Though I don’t fluently speak Chinese, there is a saying: I already have waited until death (loosely translated…his words )….blah blah Chinese symbols.


why does anyone date with crazy people like this in the world? If you think this is made up, please email me and I’ll send you the letter in it entirety…you can’t make this stuff up!