Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the end of an era...also know as wedding season 2005

this past weekend was fabulous! we did, in fact, sit at a table with navy boys, but somehow ended up be-friending the two marines that were there! after this weekend, i might be convinced that military men are the way to go. not that i didn't have a fondness for the military before, i have to, every man in my family has been in the military at one point in their life. This weekend started off with me thinking texas boys were the way to go and ended thinking that military life could be for me.

the benefits include...getting married at the beautiful naval academy chapel, a man in uniform (i never thought this was a big deal until i saw those boys in their dress whites), moving to a new place that is by water...possibly san diego, virginia beach, and i big honking rock! every girl we saw that was engaged or married to a military man was like, "hi, here's my two carat diamond."

membership has its privledges....

i often talk about "pulling a lesli", but i think i pulled my biggest and best this past weekend. i got to the airport around 4pm for my 6pm flight and went to check in. The curb side check in couldn't find me, the computer couldn't find me, and the desk couldn't find me, but then she did. on the AUGUST 31ST flight! exactly one month from the day i was standing in the airport. this time pulling a lesli cost me about $200 and a late arrival in texas.

i saw a davy crockett saying on thursday in austin and it's all i could think..."you may all go to hell, and i will go to texas."

i was seeking solace from my father when i told him i either had to find a new job that paid more or look for a part time job to supplement. to which he said, "you should look for jobs at the newspaper or a magazine." i was a little confused by this statement, as i thought...he must remember that my major was radio, television film and not journalism. so i asked, "why would i apply there?" "well, i read your blog and you're a good writer, so why not?" "wait...hang on...you read my...what???"

so yes, my father reads my blog. at that point i'm not sure if i was more stressed about the flight situation or that my father know the ugly details of my life. fortunately for me, he loves me more than any person on earth. he may not like what he reads sometimes, but he's entertained. he said it himself.