Tuesday, August 09, 2005

#10- thou shall not covet

Last week I was out on the Austin scene, and I ran into the gm of a local club. It’s a club that is very swanky, but due to the crowd, but we are less than regulars. It’s infested with ex boyfriends and internationals. Clearly I don’t think of my self as someone who is against international people, but if I’m in america, namely texas, I want to be around people who are more closely associated with my origin. Case and point…I went all the way to Maryland and found the two other people from texas and befriended them.

However, the club isn’t bad and the gm isn’t bad looking. And by not bad looking I mean he’s gorgeous. Tall, dark and handsome…your basic nightmare. Being girls that are easily swayed by good looks, we had to stop in and pay our respects to him and his club.

When we arrive we immediately spot him, and I go up to him, receive my ever so friendly hug and introduce him to my friends. When I met him a few days ago I asked him where his girlfriend was, and he said, “I don’t have a girlfriend.” perfect! “you should meet my roommate. She’s tall, (so is he, it’s not fair for the short girls to take those boys) blonde hair, skinny, big boobs, gorgeous!” that’s how we worked out the Saturday night meeting.

He offers to buy us drinks, and brings them over to our table. We’re all sitting, sipping, and trying not to stare. Thus far the crowd isn’t too bad, but mind you it’s really early in the evening. He hasn’t been back to our table since our first drink, so I decide to stir things up. He’s behind the bar so I approach him and say, “hey, bartender, are we going to take a shot?” “well, I can’t drink at work, but y’all can.”

So the girls come back from the dance floor and I ask if they want a shot. “oh no, we can’t. it’s so early. No, no, no.” so we go back over to the table to sit and plot out our plan of action. Enter - the oh so gorgeous gm. “You girls want a shot?” no sooner could he get the words out then my two friends in unison reply, “YES! Tequila!” wait…I thought you girls weren’t interested…isn’t it early…oh well.

Apparently time is not a factor when hot guys are involved. Perhaps things will work out with my roommate and the gorgeous gm. I can assure you I will becoming a covetous woman if she does. I would covet myself if I was dating him.