Friday, August 12, 2005

milestone week

this week marked several milestones in my life. as of august 9th and august 11th i have officially been graduated from college and lived in austin for two years. it's weird to think that i've been out of school half the time i was in school. it never truly seems like time is flying until you can relate it back to a time in your past. like this would be the end of my second year of college. the summer after sophomore year as it's more affectionately referred to in stories. i was in an interesting place then, emotionally. i'm in an interesting place now, physically.

in the past two years my life has drastically changed. this is my so called real world. i've found it's filled with 9-5, mexican food and lots of dancing.

on tuesday my roomate and i went out for a drink after she'd endured one of her typical 14 hour days. she deserved it, so i was willing to participate. never plan, because one drink turns into two and leaving by 12 turns into 3am taco cabana runs. i was just thinking the other day that i hadn't had a celebrity spotting in a while, but apparently this was my night. i will unashamedly admit that we went looking for the gorgeous man and ended up hanging out with a certain mormon from real world new orleans. there are pictures to prove it...