Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Controversial content

two things happened this week that made me question why i chose austin. this has nothing to do with my friends here (whom i LOVE very much) or my job which is fine. sometimes i just don't get this town. i'm not one of those fanatical people that LOVES austin and will name my first child after it and never move away. don't get my wrong, i like austin, but we certainly have a love/hate relationship.

#1. I saw the world's greatest cyclist out on saturday night. by saw i mean we were standing right next to each other touching shoulders. i was very proud of myself, because for the first time in my life i was underwhelmed by a celebrity. i usually get really giddy and tense up and smile from ear to ear. not this time. i walked away from him.

i hate that this town bows down to him like he created the world in 7 days. he cheated on his wife, left his kids so he could party with a rock star and treats people like crap if they don't bow down to him. not a hero in my book, but really...he's just a cyclist.

#2. The liberal radio dj's backing the woman who is camped out on bush's lawn. of course the don't support the president or our troops, but the crazy insane woman who's family has even quit supporting, they'll support her. lest they ALL soon forget that we are not living in a time of the draft. every man and woman enlisted in the armed services chose that for themselves! lady, you had a meeting with THE commander and chief of the most powerful nation in the world. it's more than most people get...

i believe there is something wrong with you if you don't take pride in this country. judge me! i support our president, our country and most importantly our troops who boldly signed up to defend our country while others sit at home and criticize them.

next time i promise not to be so heavy and controversial...