Saturday, August 20, 2005

uninvited guests

i finally saw wedding crashers this week. i might be the last person in the world, but i can now check it off my list and consider it done.

is it weird that the entire time i was watching i was thinking of how i could easily do this, and from then on thought of ways to execute this plan. i know this is borderline crazy, but i typically have a lot of fun at weddings and it usually has little to do with the people getting married, but more to do with the entertainment surrounding the wedding. i'm just a sucker for a live band, finger foods and lots of dancing!

so i'm thinking i should subscribe to the sunday edition of the austin american statesman then i'd be able to research upcoming weddings in the area. this would be much easier to pull off in a big city, so i might have to do a test run in chicago.

if you think about it though, you barely talk to the bride and the groom at the reception. even when i'm really close to the bride or groom we visit for a couple of minutes max, because they are busy mingling with their other guests. sometimes you never visit with them, so this could totally be done.

i can do this. i'm not afraid. anyone with me?