Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"dancing in de ya...never a cloudy day"

tonight i was at our event and an owner came up to me and asked me a question and when i responded i apologized because i was a little tired. and he said, "oh well are you going to get to rest on sunday?" i explained to him that i wouldn't, because i would be repacking to leave for another week. he then said, "oh you get to travel a lot. i guess you don't have a family." a little startled i said, "Actually, i don't have a husband, but i DO have a family." people forget quick that just because i don't have a husband or kids to go home to that i don't miss my house or my roomate or my friends or my family that i don't get to see. don't get me wrong...i LOVE traveling. traveling makes me want to keep my job. being away from my familiar surrounding and the people that know me best wear on my soul. thank goodness for many cell phone minutes.

also, my roomate moved out after one night. was it me? she told me that she connected with someone on her team and was going to stay in her room. i guess SUGA4U just wants to be friends.

side note~

i forgot to tell you. saturday night when i was in dc i got a text message from an ex that i hadn't heard from in a while. well, i had heard from him, but i didn't communicate back with him. we had a weird falling out, for the 3rd or 4th time, so i figured we would cut off lines of communication. mostly they were far and few between to begin with, but this time was enough. however, saturday night i couldn't resist the temptation to mess with his mind. he texted me about 6:30 and asked what i was doing tonight. i contimplated what to say, and then settled on "going out. what are you doing?" it wasn't a lie...i was...just not in austin. so, long story short, i continued to text him all night and say i was going to meet up with him and couldn't find him. bless his heart, he thought i just couldn't find him. thanks for all the directions though! he called twice at the end of the night, but i didn't answer.

after that practice, i'm going to be the best laguna beach kristin ever for halloween!