Friday, September 30, 2005

"if music be the food of love, play on!" shakespeare - twelfth night

something is different today. i added music to my computer. last night i even went so far as to acquire an itunes account for the ipod i don't have. i have no intentions of ever getting one. mostly i got one, because i love mixing cds, so now i can, again.

in college i had a cd burner and was quite the dj for my car and my friends. mixed cds are perfect for me, because sometimes i'm not interested in 12 songs by the same artist. 20 different songs from 20 different artists fits me like a glove.

i'm not the kind of person that had a favorite band. i think it's ridiculous for people to say that the beatles are their favorite band. to me, the beatles are arguably one of the best bands of all time. thus my belief that it's silly that they are your favorite. most people can name 5 beatles songs off the top of their head and sing them word for word. they are great, but be original.

i'm always a little envious of people who are passionate about an artist. they have all their albums and no every word to every song. i would probably say that britney spears was my favorite preformer, but even then i don't own every album she's ever released. i just like to dance to her music and pretend i'm as sultry as she is. (or used to be...)

however, music moves me. it puts into words what i'm thinking and feeling. tonight i've been very nostalgic. it has made me think of love...that i've had, that i've wanted, and that i will never have...or perhaps i will... some people want it all, but i don't want nothing at all if i ain't go you... I got three days to love you out of control And I wish I had a lifetime to hold onto this way Love can do some healing in just three days...

it makes me think of the past. making up dances in dorm rooms, singing in the car, dancing...well, anywhere.

and it makes me think of the present and where i am, and where i want to be and where i'm not. if i could be anywhere right at this moment i'd be on my porch in austin texas. i'd be drinking a glass of cheap white wine and be telling stories and laughing until my belly hurt. laughing never makes me cry, so i opt for the pain.

music on the other hand...nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling...