Tuesday, November 08, 2005

all right already

i can't believe it has taken me so long to update. to be fair...last night when i was outside on my computer this old man approached me and told me that he would press charges if i was hacking into his internet. sir i promise i was just playing solitare outside 10 apartments away from my own...

so homecoming...

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yes...i looked that rough. and yes, i know that homecoming is a time to look like you've had a fabulous year of getting lots of rest, mysteriously loosing copious amounts of weight all while working your over the top job at 24. clearly i didn't succeed...i have lost no weight...prehaps even gained some and had worked over 100 hours the past two weeks...for a fast food restaurant none the less.

all that said...homecoming was perfect! i'll say it again, it was perfect. i attended every event that i wanted to attend and saw every person that i wanted to see. even a few i didn't.

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my favorite part of the weekend was being at the sorority alumni breakfast. i held sophie the entire time, so it was only a matter of time before people started whispering to one another...did lesli have a baby??? one girl even said to me, "That's not YOURS is it??" no she's not, but what if she was. we were in a sorority of over 200 for 4 years. don't you think the rumor mill would be working? i mean we've heard about everyone elses dirty laundry, and don't you know who my friends are??? people, you would know!!!!

in other news...

baylor was murdered by texas. i'm ok with it if it will help texas keep there spot in the bcs rankings. we'll gladly take one for the state...

i was recently written out of my family's thanksgiving plans. i wasn't even asked, or consulted...nothing. perhaps i don't matter anymore.

i'm searching for the bright shining moments in my life the past week and a half. umm...i watched titanic last night...does that count??

maybe it's better that i don't update.