Saturday, November 19, 2005

averaging 10 days to post

i finished going through my 90+ emails last night. i checked them periodically for work related stuff, but finally sat down and knocked out ALL of them. it only took me one hour! i also got caught up on my blog reading, which made me feel bad that i hadn't updated my blog.

life re-cap... work, work, au bon pain, work

i've been in austin for the entire month of november. it started out very hot, and has now gotten quite lovely outside. the kind of weather where you can sit on the porch and sip peppermint hot chocolate. i had a thought the other day...i love the first day of any weather change. the first day of cool weather, the first day of warm weather, even the first day the weather is so hot you feel like it's weighing down on you. it's the 157th day of weather that is so hot you feel like it's weighing down on you that i get tired of.

christmas is just around the corner. a station in dallas is already playing Christmas music, and i'd love to tell you that it is too early for that, it's not even thanksgiving, but i'd be lying. i wouldn't mind if there was a station that played christmas music year round. it's time to start compiling christmas lists, and i had another it tacky to buy your own presents and just have your family reimburse your reciepts? wouldn't that be easier for everyone?

i will definitely be one of those early birds at the waco wal*mart in search of a great digital camera on sale! remember last year when i went to wal*mart and bought britney's greatest hits and the lady at the texarkana wal*mart thought i was britney spears? you never forget the greatest compliment you've ever been given... britney circa 2000-2003, not post federline.

you heard me right, i'm celebrating thanksgiving in waco instead of texarkana. it makes the most sense financially. however, i will miss my family. i've also been thinking how different it will be. granted i've eaten many meals at my other home in waco, i've never spent a holiday there. if you think about it, you usually only love what you're used to. i'm used to my mom and grandmother's holiday food, so that's what i like. no one does it better. thank goodness cindy is like a mother to me. i will certainly not be dissapointed. of my good friends just moved to idaho to be a sports writer. i couldn't help but share his article. he's a wonderful writer to read in my opinion. people can be good writers, but so great to read, but ">brad is.

heart you