Thursday, February 02, 2006

what a day...

yesterday i broke my old work record for number of consecutive hours worked in one day. the old record was 18 accquired in Pittsburgh, yesterday i worked 22. and i have to say i was working for most of the 22. needless to say, around 6:30 this morning i became a zombie.

fortunately, and older woman who participated in our all night event approached me and told me that she had never been treated so rudely at one of these events by anyone like she was treated by me. i was a little taken aback, because i had just told the lady, like the other guy told the lady, that she needed to find her spot in line so she could be awarded her prize. if i gave her her prize out of order, i'd have 170 OTHER people wanting there prize out of order. lining up in order isn't a hard concept, we've all been practicing it since we were 5 years old, and maybe even sooner if you were so lucky to attend preschool.

so of course i profusely apologized and told her that i never intended to hurt her feelings, but i took complete ownership of my actions and did the best i could with my words to smooth her over. she then said that if i wanted a career with my company i should learn how to treat people better. i agreed with her, but in the back of my mind i wanted to scream at her and say, "22 HOURS!!!! AND YOU'RE GETTING MORE OUT OF THIS THAN I WILL GAIN FINANCIALLY FOR DOING THIS!!!! CUT ME SOME SLACK!!!" not one to make excuses, i kept apologizing and even pulled out all the stops and asked if she would forgive me. she said that she would.

then...yes, there's more. she goes on to say, "I thought about telling you or just letting the Lord take his revenge on you." ma'am, need i remind you i asked you to get in line. i didn't run over your beloved pet! she said, "I just want you to think about what it will be like when you're standing at the gates of heaven and can't get in because of the way you treated people. i'm thinking of all the people that are in name know the one that had the affair and then had the woman's husband killed and was a direct ancestor of Jesus.

so, then i put my foot down and said, "Ma'am, i have to say this. I am assured of my salvation and know i will be spending eternity in heaven, because i have accepted Jesus into my heart and have a personal relationship with Christ." at the risk of sounding like a southern baptist sunday school teacher.

so, all in 22 hours, i worked more than i ever had in my life, put my career in jeopardy and almost got kicked out of heaven. rough day.

not to worry, once it was all said and done the lady was hugging me and stopped her car to tell me bye and that she hoped to see me again soon. i must have a way with words...