Monday, March 13, 2006

afternoon happy hour

something happened today for the second time in my life. there was a guy interviewing for a job, and i couldn't help but think i had seen him before. i checked his resume, so i knew he had lived in waco before, so i couldn't help but as him. i've lived in waco before...where did you work there??? ninfa's. of course you did, and that's why you look familiar.

this would be funny if it wasn't the first time i'd ever vaguely recalled someone that reappeared in my present. a few years ago we were having lunch at the cheesecake factory in dallas, texas. it was the last time i ever had a meal with my pop. not to bring the mood down, just stating. the waitress that day was very recognizable, but we couldn't remember where we knew her from. turns out, she had also worked at ninfa's.

i think i spent way too many afternoons after the pool there if the wait staff is completely recognizable, but not really coming back to my memory unless otherwise prompted.