Thursday, April 06, 2006

a quarter of a century...

well the 25th birthday has come and gone, and it was a day that will go down in history. i was overwhelmed by all the love!! i must have the best friends in the world, but i think i've said that before...

to recap the day...i woke up to phone calls, text messages, facebook messages, myspace messages...thank you Lord for the internet! then headed off to worked decked out in my silver sparkly shrug, because it was my 'silver' birthday. a lady at my work made me a huge pan of homeade tamales and carrot cake. i shared the cake. i did NOT share the tamales! then cayce sent me a chicago style pizza since she couldn't be here. allison took me to Sak's to buy new make up. you know how good i am at making decisions...she'll re-think that gift next time!! then i got home and the ups man brought me a tempur-pedic mattress pad from my dad and step mom...yes i'm a grandma, but i LOVE it!!! then i had a fabulous dinner at vivo's with some friends. jaimie and i had just got there on saturday... but nothing beats their food. clearly the way to my heart is through my stomach.

this birthday was's to the next 25 years!

and best of all...Team Kristin Represent!

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