Wednesday, July 19, 2006


so luck did not hold past the dress. i was rejected electronically. the rejection wasn't the worst part, it was the reason.

i would much rather him say, "i can't go to the wedding because i think you're a big fat ugly cow." or "i can't go to the wedding because i hate your personality, especially around people." at least then i'd have something to work on.

instead, i got rejected for a pool party. a pool party? in case you were wondering, i did NOT ask a 14 year old. i too thought people only still had pool parties with their youth group or for a high school graduation party. apparently, pool parties are sweeping the social scene of 20something dallas-ites.

i can't understand why anyone would turn down a nice (free) dinner, open bar and me as their dance partner, but just as i was envisioning the little bastard drowning i got a message from another boy...who is very good looking (might i add).

"is there still potential for me to be graced with lesli as my date?"

and that is the way lady luck dances!