Tuesday, July 18, 2006

it's not a no

"hey stranger! what's been going on?" i hadn't talked to him in a while, and i promised myself that the next time i saw him on instant messenger that i would ask him. if i never saw him on there, then that would be my fate.

ten minutes later...
"hey! just got back from europe."


"oh good!! post pictures online soon!!"

ten more minutes later...
"doing that as we speak."

it was now or never, if i was going to ask i had to do it now. we were clearly getting no where close to a real conversation.

"so, are you dating anyone special? or not so special?"

cute and unassuming. that was my goal. no need for him to think i want to be his someone special or not so special.

13 minutes later...and yes, i'm counting.
"haha...no i'm not dating anyone at all."

"ok well i was going to invite you to be my and guest to a wedding in your town in a couple of weeks. it should be really fun."

"yeah it would be fun. when is it?"

...blah blah...wedding details...blah blah

he finally answers
"yeah that would be really fun. let me make sure i don't have anything going on that weekend, but i never have anything going on."

every girl i told that story to was certain that that was a rock solid yes, so i tested it on a boy. "no that's not a yes." but, but. "well, it's not a no. if he had of been trying to get out of it he would have said he had definite plans. yeah, it's not a no."

no word yet, so i assume that we are still on. assume because i'm way too chicken to actually email him and get rejected electronically. i wouldn't even think about calling.

but my dress did turn out perfect. the stain is gone and it is wrinkle free. it's more gorgeous than it was. i lucked out...hopefully the and guest will not be a no as well.